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Thanks to Lovidia for sending me this product in turn for a review! All opinions are my own!

After the holidays, I felt that my eating had gotten out of control. All the rich foods such as cakes, cookies, gravies and mashed potatoes really called my name. And then I remembered that I had been sent Lovidia!

Lovidia is a patented formula that allows you to eat less without feeling hungry! By using Gut Sensory Modulation, they have created a product that makes you feel satisfied and cutting back the calories you consume which in turn allows you to lose weight!

Granted, I have never been one for dieting or dieting pills but after taking these, I truly notice a difference! I chose to take Lovidia because it’s 100% natural with no lengthy list of side effects! I also loved that the product didn’t contain caffeine!

By taking one pill at breakfast and one pill at lunch, with a full glass of water for each, I definitely noticed I ate smaller portions! Another plus side was staying hydrated with 2 big glasses of water!

All the ingredients have been clinically tested in double blind studies and have proven to be safe and effective!

I am so glad I tried Lovidia! It helped curb by hunger and change the way I viewed myself for the new year! You must try it today! If you want 20 percent off your order, use the code missharleyrose20! You can do this and Lovidia is here to help!

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“Results vary based on program adherence. In the LOVIDIA Way study average weight loss was 13.6 pounds and waist circumference reduction was 2.7 inches.”

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