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A Love For Craftholics!

A Love For Craftholics!

Harley and I were so excited to be chosen to be a recipient of a Craftholic! When I researched these stuffed animals online, I immediately fell in love. They were designed by a Japanese artist Ikuko Yamamoto.

Not only are they the cutest plush toys in the world, they also life size! Harley received the multi dot rabbit named Rab and she was just ecstatic.

She absolutely loves playing with the long arms and getting tickled with his ears can send her into giggle fits for minutes.

As a mom, I absolutely love this product. It is plush, soft and adorable. I love that it has a sense of fantasy to it which allows a little one to use her imagination. The long arms and legs allow us to give our daughter the perfect hug and she tends to cuddle with it on the couch!

And if the rabbit isn’t your cup of tea, all the different animals are adorable! You can choose from a sloth, bear, cat, monkey or rabbit! They also come in a handful of sizes that can ensure that your Craftholic is the perfect addition to your family!

Also, the Craftholics have been shown to help children with autism by creating a calm demeanor and learning environment that allows them to learn a safe compression technique!

If you visit Www.shopcraftholic.com and use the code ihelpmoms10 you receive an awesome discount!

I can’t wait to see pictures with your Craftholic!!

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