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The Wonders No One Tells You About

The Wonders No One Tells You About

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Having a baby is a joyous occasion. Many moms tell you about the wonders of being able to hold your baby after 12-24 hours of pushing. They say motherhood is the best thing on the planet. Your child is the best reward and yes your hormones may be out of whack, but it should all get back to normal.
But guess what! There is a secret side that most women will never speak a word about. But I am all for knowing exactly what’s coming. If I would have known about the secret, I would have been more prepared. And thanks to Prevail, with my next baby, I will be perfectly prepared and ready to combat the war ahead. Symptoms of bladder leakage occur in a wide age range of adults, and are caused by a variety of factors ranging from stress to nutrition, health and medications. With a wide range of absorbent protective hygiene solutions for men and women, Prevail products are designed to suit each person’s unique needs, whether they are seeking light or maximum protection, in a truly discrete way. I can’t wait to use them from the moment I give birth!

After giving birth, most moms won’t tell you that you end up wearing mom diapers. You feel like a newborn! The pain is almost intolerable and adding the diapers just is icing on the cake. Usually after 10 days, this disappears. But then you realize the stress you put on your bladder!
When I was pregnant, I was lucky and only peed once when I sneezed. My bladder control was perfect so I never thought it could change. And it did. After the baby, I constantly find myself leaking, especially when I laugh, sneeze or cough. I was always super embarrassed. I remember jumping on a trampoline and realizing the horror. Then I discovered Prevail! Their Bladder Control Pads have given me the ability to feel normal again! Per Prevail, “Recommended for light leakage, these pads are the perfect choice to offer added daily support for those “just in case” moments—keeping you protected through all laughs, coughs or even sneezes. Prevail’s Bladder Control Pads lock in 20% more wetness than the nationally advertised brand”. I am constantly on the go and need a pad that can keep me dry for hours on end, especially chasing after my 1 year old.


With Prevail, I have recaptured my life. They have the cutest packaging and the pretty purple covers look so cute in my diaper bag. These Bladder Control Pads have changed my life. I never thought at 24 years old, I would be needing them but they have become a lifesaver! So as a first time mom, I urge you to not be embarrassed. Embrace bladder control pads and share your stories with others! A mom should never feel alone!


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16 thoughts on “The Wonders No One Tells You About”

  • Thanks for being brave enough to talk about this! It’ s not something everyone feels comfortable doing! But it is something we need to talk about.

  • These would have been a great option for right after birth when you feel like everything is leaking (whether it actually is or not). Thank Kegels my bladder control is all good after two babies, but it’s good to know there’s a product another young mom recommends in case it ever becomes not-so-good!

  • This is totally something moms don’t discuss enough! I had an emergency C-section, so I don’t have a problem with this as much. But I may have a VBAC at some time so this may be more applicable to me.

  • I applaud your courage to talk about this, because it’s these kinds of things that need to be out there to describe the realities of motherhood. A very interesting post.

  • I kept hearing about this leakage from comedian Ali Wong and the blogger Jen from From Head To Toe – and I’m horrified. Knowing I can turn to this product after I give birth to my first child is amazing. Thanks for the rec!

  • I used these right after the birth of both of my babies and added frozen witch hazel pads and what a godsend they were! Luckily I had a good friend let me in on this secret right before my labor or I would have been lost as it really is not talked about enough!

  • I honestly had no idea this happened after giving birth. I knew pregnant women had trouble holding their bladder, but I had no idea it continued after giving birth. This information needs to be more well-known. Moms should not have to be embarrassed about something that is natural. It’s good that there are diapers that help out with this though, because it can definitely be inconvenient.

  • Good on you for being honest and raising awareness. bladder leakage can happen to anyone so it’s great to help highlight a product that will help people that suffer x

  • I was actually really blessed to not have to wear mom diapers or need the witch hazel soaked frozen pads. I remember practicing kegels and trying the massage thing that was suggested by my doctor, and regular pads did just fine for me, and I pretty much healed (well…pain wise lol) in about a day or two. However, my poor friend has been having issues after giving birth to her son, and she’s so embarrassed about it (which I tell her NOT to be because it’s normal!). I will tell her to try these out, maybe they’ll give her some piece of mind!

  • I’m not a mom myself, but my sisters talk about this ALL the time and they both say that it’s one of those things no one tells you about before you have a baby. Total surprise to them! You’re so wonderful for sharing this – thanks for being awesome!

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