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Home For The Holidays

Home For The Holidays

After working overnight in our ER, I realized how lucky I am.

I am lucky that I will be going home to my loving family after my 12 hour shift. I am lucky to have a job that I love. I am lucky to have a husband who supports me 110 percent. A husband who will quiz me on flash cards until we are both blue in the face. I am lucky that our daughter is healthy and happy.

I realize more and more each day that the holidays aren’t about the presents. Yet, as a society we push presents and gifts way to much. The holidays should be about experiences.

The experiences of being able to be with your loved ones. The experience of being selfless. The experience of living in the moment instead of behind a screen.

I hope to convey this to Harley. Presents don’t matter, they will get pushed aside as they are outgrown. But the relationships you create with people are truly what’s forever.

And working with patients who may not make it home for the holidays, I feel blessed.

5 thoughts on “Home For The Holidays”

  • Your daughter is so cute!! and I totally agree with you, I usually have a pretty heavy christmas spirit and my dad was like me, last year he died and now I feel like nobody understands me with that, I love everything about the holidays the atmosphere outside, the rush, the joy, the lights, it’s a true experience for me. I’d love to spend it with people I love without them thinking that I’m crazy for loving it

  • The older I get the more I want to create those experiences and special moments for my kids. Looking back, I only remember a handful of gifts I received at Christmas time, but I do remember the times my family spent together.

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