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Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions

With the happiest time of the year rapidly approaching, I realized that I want to start holiday traditions that I can continue for years to come.

Granted, last year was a little bit different because we had a newborn, and I was in the process of moving, I still wanted to get into the holiday cheer.

The first Thanksgiving I spent with my now husband, the day after we went and got our 4 ft Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I remember how excited I was for this little tree. We got home, set it up, and listened to Christmas music while drinking hot coco and I realized that he was the man for me. Never once did he complain about doing the kitchy little things. Instead he took pride in decorating and we laughed, smiled and shared stories.

The next year, right before the birth of our daughter, I knew I wanted to go bigger. This time we happened to buy a beautiful 6 foot tree. This tree was absolutely gorgeous. We got it home, he carried it up the flight of stairs and we went to put it in the stand. Well lets just say the trunk was about a foot too big for the stand. After 3 saws and multiple trips to the hardware store, we finally got it to fit. Our beautiful 6 ft Christmas tree ended up being about 5’4 in the end. It was such a good memory!

This year, we continued with going bigger. We ended up with an 8 foot tree and I am in love. Our ornaments are something that mean so much to us. We collect them from every place we go. Its always fun grabbing ornaments out and reliving the days.

Our second tradition is to bring Harley to go see Santa. I remember last year when she was only 2 weeks old, all I could think about was a family photoshoot with Santa. Off to the mall we went! I am looking forward to the yearly photos with Santa.

But I realized these are my only traditions. I want more. I want to branch out. So help me with ideas! What are some of the great traditions in your family?

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  • What a great memory! Since we had our son w have bought him a personal ornament and an ornament for the family. He will have at least 18 ornaments to take with him when he is grown and on his own 🙂

  • These are simply traditions, and I love simple. Some of mine are watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas on Christmas eve. We like the Jim Carrey version. Another on is reading the birth of Jesus. We also all buy new pajamas every year! These are a few to help you get started. I hope you take a new one on!

  • My favorite is getting a new ornament for the tree. But I like adding new ones each year. This year I’m hoping to add visiting a children’s hospital with my girls and seeing a nativity scene.

  • 8 foot tree, wow awesome and yes putting up your own ornaments collected from everywhere pleases us so much,. This year we plan to share some warm blankets with the needy people and plan to have a Christmas party!

  • Our tradition is always a simple dinner on the 24th (that is when we celebrate) so generally a raclette or fondue, then we sit in the living room where the tree is and listen to Christmas music (the old stuff), nobody would really say much it was just a time of quiet reflection and then after a while our parents would say we could each take our first present. I think what I liked about it was that it was calm, peaceful and not at all rushed. Happy Christmas!

  • They are lovely traditions, I wonder how big your Christmas tree will end up getting?! We have Christmas Eve boxes every year and Dad always has to go down first to check ‘he has been’ before we all go down! A special outing to see Santa and a trip to the theatre every year. I took the boys ice skating last year for the first time and that was brilliant and something we will do again!

  • So happy to read this post which is full of happiness, festivities, and traditions. Looking forward to reading the list of your family traditions that you add this year. Merry Christmas in advance

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