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Breastfeeding Favorites

Breastfeeding Favorites

When I had Harley, I knew I wanted to breast feed. I was absolutely determined. And boy let me tell you, it wasn’t easy.

My first two weeks were filled with tears, an unhappy baby, and a plastic spoon. During my stay in the hospital, my pediatrician told me that Harley had the longest tongue he had seen. The length of her tongue was preventing her from latching properly. And here I thought breast feeding would be easy. I left the hospital scared to death because my lactation counselor had handed me a plastic spoon. She had me hand express onto the spoon and ensure that Harley got at least 3 spoonfuls before trying to latch.

The spoon finally worked. Harley started to latch. I have been extremely lucky. Harley has only bit me once in a year and my supply has kept up quite well. I have been able to freeze enough milk to allow me to go to school 2-3 days a week without having to supplement with formula.

In my year long journey, I have come to realize having the tools around me were quite beneficial. Although I hardly use some of these tools now because we are just nursing for comfort, I will have these in my arsenal for baby number 2.

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  1. The Haakaa Pump: This pump was the reason why my freezer stash was so large. It allowed me to catch over 200 ounces that would of gone to waste in my nursing pad. With a simple squeeze, you catch the letdown while your baby nurses on the other side.
  2. My Brest Friend: I never liked my Boppy pillow. It always slipped out from under me and never seemed high enough. When I went to lactation class, they had the my brest friend and it made quite the difference. I love that they click behind you!
  3. My 40 oz Hydroflask: Breastfeeding makes you thirsty! I would fill up my bottle two to three times a day to keep up my supply. You will always need water beside you!
  4. A good support system. Having a family who supports you makes all the difference. If your family isn’t supportive, look online for community classes! Breast feeding is a great experience if you can do it but remember food is best! Even if it means feeding with formula!

6 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Favorites”

  • breastfeeding can definitely be a challenge. I too had to find the right equipment to help support me in my journey. Good for you for breastfeeding for a year, I know it’s not easy!

  • These are amazing suggestions! I’m not a mom yet, but both of my sisters have said that they welcomed all of the tips, tricks and tools for and about breastfeeding that they could, and their stories of tears, hardship and determination are so similar. You moms are superheroes! Saving this so I can refer back down the line 🙂

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