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You Are Their Mama

You Are Their Mama

“Mama, you were given these children. You. No one else. You were given these children because you are who they need. You have the soul to love them even on their hard days. You have the motivation and love to give them everything they need. You have the heart to wake up in the morning and do it all over again, even when your exhausted. You have the smile they crave and the touch that makes everything okay. You are their sunshine and their comfort. You are theirs and they are yours momma. And on the days your questioning yourself, remember you got this.”

Being a mom is hard. You are at someones beck and call for 24 hours a day with no break. You are the wiper of the tears, connoisseur of smiles, and the biggest love to them. You are the one that they crave. You are their momma.

You are the one who endured the kicks, hiccups, and pains of labor. You are the one who pushed for god knows how many hours to give them life. You sacrificed your body, your sleep and your sanity for a little human being who gets covered in poop, spit up and your tears. But guess what, you are theirs and they are yours. You are their momma.You

You are the one who spends countless hours with them. You know their likes and dislikes just like the back of your hand. You know that they love to be tickled and hate to be buckled in the car seat. You try to provide them with everything. You are their momma.

You wake up in middle of the night and stand over their crib to ensure they are breathing. You cross your fingers that they swallow the food instead of spitting it all over you to ensure they have eaten enough. You take them to doctors appointments and play groups, trying to introduce them to the outside world yet shield them from the horrors that occur. You are their momma.

You laugh when they laugh. Smile when they smile. You are their biggest cheerleader even in the smallest moments. You sacrifice your sanity and sing you are my sunshine another time because they love that song. You kiss the boo boos and change their diapers with a smile on your face because this is what being a mom is about. You are their momma.

You crave them when your gone. You miss them so much it hurts. Being away for 2 hours feels like a million years. You FaceTime them when you get to their destination. And instead of being an adult, your kids come up in every conversation because you are proud. You are a momma.

You pride yourself on eating healthy and at times you cave in and give them treats. You make sure they say please and thank you. You make sure they become integrated into society and hope that they use their manners. You are their momma.

And guess what, they love you unconditionally. Although you might not get the thank you for everything that you do, they understand. They realize. You might feel run down, out of shape, and want to hide in a hole. But you can do this. You wouldn’t of become a mom if you weren’t ready for it. Motherhood is a scary journey. It takes a village. But you are their momma. They are yours and you are theirs.

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