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Random Musings From A Mom

Random Musings From A Mom

I realized while watching Harley, many random thoughts go through my brain. I feel like I am constantly talking to myself and if I didn’t have mom friends, I would think I was crazy. I decided to document my thoughts for a day, and I was laughing by the end of it.

Disclaimer: I was super tired yesterday, and I think this made my thoughts even more crazy. Harley woke up with a scream which scared the crap out of me. She is usually the baby who will lay in bed for hours just happily kicking and looking around.

During our first diaper change: Man, I wish I had someone who would change me at any given moment. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to run to the bathroom and just continue with activities. *I constantly have to pee, I swear I am always running to the bathroom*

During our first feeding: Boobie, boob, boob, I love boobs. Gimme the boobie, no I don’t want it, wait come back *Harley will eat for a while but as she is getting full, she will pull off, smile at me, and then make a roaring sound and latch back on *I sing a boobie song in a voice that I think Harley will have*

During our first solid feeding: How the hell do you get this messy? Can you please keep your hands out of your mouth when I put a bite of food in? Please don’t make the raspberry noise. Crap, food is now everywhere. I just took a shower and now I am covered in green mush. Goodness child your lucky I love you. *As I feed Harley, our puppy Maple is laying underneath the high chair, it is a lot of telling Maple no as she is trying to lick the baby and chair

During our first poop: How did you pass this?! It is a size of a baseball. What have I been feeding you?!

During our playtime: *I make everything I tell her into a song. My name is Harley and I’m a cutie. My name is Harley and I love my mommy. Please stop saying dada, say mama. *Granted, I wanted her to say dada first but now I am wanting mama!

Being a momma is hard, and a lot of times you find yourself talking to your little one hoping for some sort of conversation back. Luckily Harley is babbling, so my conversations don’t feel so one sided. I love her to death but definitely need some more sleep!


What are some of your random mom musings?

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