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1 Year Old

1 Year Old

12 Months ago at 10:26 A.M., our beautiful little daughter came into this world. She was born at 6.4 oz and 19 inches long. I remember being so anxious, so excited, so nervous, and just happy. Hearing her cry was the best thing ever.

1 year has passed by and I am amazed at how different our lives have become.

Harley in one year, you have taught me more than most people learn in a lifetime. You have taught me to enjoy the little things. Last night, we sat for 20 minutes just looking at a tree covered in Christmas lights. You were so enthralled, pointing, cooing and wanting to go closer. I haven’t seen the beauty in a single strand of Christmas lights since I was a child. We stop and smell the flowers. Having a baby has taught me to view the world through their eyes. To find the beauty and innocence instead of the world that is truly going on.

You bring joy to everyone you meet. Your smile lights up a room. And you definitely have the best bedhead ever. You are so sweet, sassy, and loving. You absolutely hate being told what to do and respond with a simple flap of our tongue but I know you are learning about independence. Maple is your best friend. You can sit for hours watching dogs run around the park, and you love to have her lay next to you as we play in your room.

Books are another one of your favorite things. Forget about toys, you spend hours flipping through the pages and pointing at the images. And you are such a foodie! Anything you can get your hands on, you devour. I love that you will try everything and we haven’t met a food you didn’t like. You have eaten everything from squid to mango, and enjoy it all.

Baby girl, you have given me a new sense of joy. I love going to bed right after you because that means I get to see you right when you wake up. I treasure our time together as a family lying together in bed in the mornings. I love that we sing songs, you nurse, and its our quiet, uninterrupted time. I love that you have become my sidekick. From errands to just hanging around the house, I am glad you chose me to be your mother.

You have grown so much in the past month. You have started to pull yourself up to standing on objects. You are the army crawl master and no object stands in your way. You will pull yourself across anything just to get to the item you want. You constantly babble, saying dad, dog, nana for banana and good good good. You love to show people the items you are holding but you refuse to let them grab them. You are now bathing by yourself in the big girl tub and you love it. Its so much roomier without mommy or daddy sitting next to you. You switch from sitting to swimming, kicking up a storm and drenching the bathroom, but thats okay because its your favorite.

Harley you are the best blessing I could ever ask for. You made me a momma. You completed a part of my life I didn’t know I was missing. You have shown me unconditional love and I vow to make you proud. I vow to teach you important life lessons. I vow to provide you with everything you need to succeed in life, not everything you want. Life will have its ups and downs and I will be there supporting you for every trial and tribulation. You may be growing but you will forever be my little girl.



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