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Arctic Cool Shirt

Arctic Cool Shirt

Thank you to Arctic Cool for sending me this super awesome workout shirt. All opinions are my own but this shirt is definitely the coolest thing since sliced bread!

The shirt I tried was the Women’s Instant Cooling Long Sleeve Shirt in Polar Blue. I have never worked out with a long sleeve shirt and I am now hooked! When the package arrive, I could barely contain myself! I tore open the packaging and headed out to the gym.

The fit of the shirt is perfect. I absolutely hate tight workout clothes as I feel like I am suffocating at the gym. The color blue is vivid but still acceptable to wear if you don’t want to stand out so much at the gym. Next, I put the instant cooling part to the test. Per the Arctic Cool website,

  • Wicks moisture away from skin and disperses it throughout the shirt, keeping you dry.
  • Revolutionary HydroFreeze X Technology* cools down your body temperature as you sweat.
  • Lightweight, breathable high-performance mesh for unsurpassed comfort

I agree with all of this! I sweat so much during my workout and never once felt the moisture! I was never panting out of heat exhaustion and I wanted to continue my workout. Right after my extremely hard workout, I realized the sun was setting and I needed to take my infant daughter to the beach.

I realized that I had forgotten a shirt to change into! I threw on a pair of jeans and left my shirt on. I went to the beach and never shivered once due to the build up of sweat. The shirt also looked perfect and casual, just as if you had planned to wear it as an outfit!

I absolutely love my Arctic cool shirt. It is the perfect workout shirt! You can gets yours at arcticcool.com for 34.99!

Happy working out!DSC01756.JPGDSC01770.jpg

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