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11 Months

11 Months


Wow 11 months has flown by. My little baby angel is now a big girl. She is surprising us with every move she takes. I love watching her enjoy the world around her.

Her favorite thing to do is go to the dog park. I love watching her point, smile and laugh as dogs run past her. She even squeals dog dog dog as they glide by. Watching her at the park is the true image of what a child should be. I wish adults would have this kind of happiness.

Harley loves to eat. She eats everything in sight! She absolutely loves her teething wafers and happily begs at the table when mom and dad have dinner on the table.

Harley still only army crawls but it is the most effective way to get around for her. Yesterday, as I was sitting on the rocking chair, Harley pulled herself to standing without a care in the world. My big girl!

Harley babbles up a storm. She loves saying dada and she even has called me dadda. There is not a momma in sight.

She will play for hours in her walker and has learned to navigate the halls, rooms, and walks around our apartment with ease.

She loves her kisses, and tickles and absolutely hates her car seat.

Miss Harley thank you for allowing me to be your mom. Each morning, I get so excited to face a new day with you by my side. You are energetic, spunky and sassy. I love you to the moon and back. I absolutely can’t wait to show you the world. I can’t wait to teach you right from wrong. To teach you to give back. To teach you that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. You are my beautiful little girl. And I still think time needs to slow down.

I love you.

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