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10 Months Old

10 Months Old

Boy is this post late. But this is what happens when nursing school gets tough and we go ahead and get married! Yep thats right! We are married, and it was magical, perfect, and just amazing in every way.

10 months has come with so many changes. The biggest one was the two little teeth that have popped up in Harley’s mouth. We never faced the horrors of teething! One day she opened her mouth and there was two white sharp razors poking out. Luckily she still isn’t biting!

Another big change is she is placing her knees underneath her to propel her forward. She still isn’t truly crawling but she loves to get up on her knees and then faceplant down. We just need the opposite hand to knee to kick in.

She is eating everything in sight. Brian and I have started calling it the Harley diet because she eats half of our food now. She loves lamb, shrimp, tomatoes, chicken and any fruit. We still haven’t met a food that she doesn’t like.

As of last week, she now waves bye bye and throws both hands straight up when you ask her how big she is.

Every morning, is a new adventure. We are so lucky that she chose us to be her parents. When she smiles, all of our hearts melt. Harley is showing us her personality more and more. Boy is she sassy. I am so lucky that I get to watch her grow everyday!

We are still wearing 6 month clothes and she has officially ridden a pony! We have a horse girl in the making.

What is some things your babies accomplished at 10 months?

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