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Our Love For Food

Our Love For Food

My daughter loves her food. I swear she would eat non stop if we allowed her. She loves her mamas milk too! We usually nurse 4-5 times a day plus an extended session right before bed. She also eats 4-5 solid meals a day as recommended by her doctor to try and have her gain weight.

I make her food but on the off days, I wanted to share our favorite pre made snacks. In the beginning, I was truly against the puffs, crackers, wafers, etc. I thought they were too processed. Yet, my daughter loves them. I use an organic brand that has truly surpassed my expectations!

Harley begs for these little treats. We do give them few and far between. Our normal schedule is once a day for the extra delicious treats! I have even caught Brian and I happily chowing down on these treats when Harley gets some!

One warning with all of these treats is the fact that they should be consumed within 5 days to ensure that they properly dissolve in the babies mouth!

Happy Baby Puffs are amazing! They dissolve in little to no time and Harley loves picking them up with her fingers. She also loves to drop them to the dog.

Teething Wafers! Harley devours these! I like that they are larger oblong shape pieces because it teaches Harley how to take bites. They dissolve to basically nothing. I love watching her try to feed herself.

3. Rice Crackers! I will say that Harley only gets one of these at a time. She likes to put the entire thing in her mouth and they don’t dissolve as fast but they are quite delicious!

Happy baby and family has been a wonderful addition to our family. I love that the ingredients are simple and pure. We also use the food pouches in a pinch!

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