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Giving Back

Giving Back

I have two charities that mean the world to me. I look forward to each event as a child waiting for Santa.

A Walk on Water

An amazing charity that takes children with disabilities surfing. Surf therapy is real. The ocean has a special healing power that is so special to everyone it touches. I have seen children who scream, fight the wetsuit, and finally placed on the board calm down almost immediately. The child who was afraid to touch the water in the beginning transforms to a child who will never come out of the water. I have watched our instructors change children’s and their families lives right in front of them. I have watched kids who never smile or speak come out of the water gleaming and wanting more. A Walk On Water has changed my life. It has given me a family that I never knew I needed.

Life Rolls On

This charity gives people with spinal injuries the power to enjoy surfing in an ocean. Many of our athletes have not been able to get into the ocean since their accident or diagnosis. It is absolutely incredible watching our athletes faces light up as they catch a wave. I watch a team of 20-30 volunteers watching everymovement to ensure the athlete is safe. It truly gives the meaning that life will roll on. Challenges can be overcome. Life goes on and you should appreciate every moment you are given.

Volunteering for these charities makes my day. After every event, I come home exhausted but my heart is full. I recommend that everyone finds something that they are passionate about. Volunteering is amazing. I am so glad that I found these charities, they have truly changed my life.


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