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9 Months

9 Months

Where has my baby gone? 9 months ago, I gave birth to a beautiful 6 lb and 4 oz little angel. 9 months have flown by. Gone is my beautiful tiny baby and in her place is a gorgeous, independent, crawling, and babbling baby.

9 months has been a plethora of changes. In the last month, Harley has hit many milestones. She is army crawling all around the house. She is babbling non stop and loves saying dada. Dada was her first word. My plan worked! But now I want her to say mama. And even yesterday, Brian and I swore our little one said night night.

Our happy little girl loves to eat. She eats everything in sight. Her favorite thing is still avocado. She has now tried chicken, fish, meat, coconut, mango, and basically every vegetable and fruit. She is still a boobie monster. Boy does this girl love her mama’s milk!

Maple, our puppy, is still her favorite thing to watch. She loves watching Maple chase balls, and play around. Harley has even gotten the courage to pet the puppy!

Every morning, Harley wakes up around 5:30 but stays quiet in the crib looking around until about 6:30. She is such a good little girl. She loves to smile and sleep.

With each passing day, I love her more and more. She is the light of my life. Everyday I look in her blue eyes, and know that she was the best thing to happen to me. Being a mom to this little one is my life’s purpose. I look forward to each moment I spend with her. She has taught me so much and I can’t wait to learn even more!


What are the best lessons your child has taught you?

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