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My Monthly Boxes

My Monthly Boxes

Being a mom is hard work! Not only are you having to provide a little one with everything from food, shelter, and clothing, you also have a house to clean, and a spouse to take care of! Nursing school takes up a lot of my time, and the times that I do get to relax at home, I don’t want to think about running errands.

Errands are something that I loathe doing. Since Harley hates the car seat, it is a battle to ensure that she is happy! Also, our puppy doesn’t want to be crated and I feel bad so I often bring her. But with how hot it has been, its unsafe to leave her in the car or tied up outside.

I have turned to delivery boxes and boy has my life become easier!

Box #1: Bark Box

We love our Bark Box! Not only does it provide Maple with two toys that distracts her, she also receives two bags of treats. Its perfect! I never have to go to the pet store because I am getting her food delivered through Petco and now she has it all. Bark Box has the cutest themes and all the treats are healthy without added fillers or wheat! If you use my link, you can get a month free! https://www.barkbox.com/r/UFUZU0GQWF

Box #2: JR Organics CSA Box

I have been a lover of CSA boxes since I started over 4 years ago. I love the fact that I get organic fruits and vegetables that are in season. I get to keep supporting local farmers and maintain healthy consumptions of fruits and veggies! If you live in the San Diego area I highly recommend JR organics! It is the best and most inexpensive way to eat organically. If you sign up for JR organics say Stephanie Cummings referred you!

Box #3: SonRise Ranch

I am very picky when it comes to meat in our family. When I found SonRise ranch, I couldn’t be happier! The quality of beef I get is absolutely delicious. I am proud to say that I am supporting a family farm and I feel better about the quality my family is getting. If you live in the San Diego area, sign up and say Stephanie Cummings referred you!

Having these boxes has made my life a lot easier. I haven’t stepped foot in a grocery store in over a month which is pretty remarkable for me. I love that I can make my family healthier by buying local and natural.

What boxes do you use?

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17 thoughts on “My Monthly Boxes”

  • This is cool . I am actually already at my wits end dealing with lots of work at home and would love to do this a try but…how about the price? I am a frugal mama and have a very limited budget

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    Make money from home, save money and minimalism

    • So my csa box is 32 dollars every other week. I get the large box which feeds a family of 4. I love it because we aren’t eating enough yet to get it every week. Then for the meat, I chose to spend more money on good quality ingredients. That is 200 dollars a month but 14 pounds in total and that includes cheap and expensive cuts of meat.

  • All of these boxes sound wonderful! I’m not currently receiving any box subscriptions but I’d love to try them at some point. We love our local CSA though!

  • Mommyhood makes us turn to easy up our lives so that we can make more space and time for our kids. I have been doing lots of online groceries since I got pregnant and here in India too we have online stores which deliver everything from fresh organic fruits and vegetables to bakery items to Staples and packaged foods. But have heard of the concept of boxes for the first time. Liked reading your post!

  • Fab idea of getting some toys, organics and meat via boxes. It even is fresh and of great variety. Apart from that getting things at doorstep is a fab idea.

  • I’ve never heard of some of these boxes, I love getting subscription boxes – but at the moment I don’t use any. I have wanted to try a snack box!

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