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Motherhood, My Vision vs. My Reality

Motherhood, My Vision vs. My Reality

I remember when I found out we were pregnant with Harley. Immediately I had a specific mindset on how our daughter would be raised. I remember talking about all different kinds of goals I wanted to accomplish. Now that she is 8 months old, I have realized how much of my vision has changed. And guess what? It is okay. Motherhood is difficult, motherhood is demanding, motherhood is a never ending job but it truly is one of the best jobs in the world. Although my actual parenting style has differentiated from my vision, Harley is perfect. She is not dying because I decided to change her schedule.

  • Bathing:
    • Vision: When I was pregnant I remember saying Harley would be bathed every night before bedtime
    • Reality: Harley maybe gets a bath 3 times a week. Often, I am too tired to put her into a bath before bed. And guess what? She is okay, if she is extremely dirty we will add a bath, but most of the time, a bath a few times a week does the duty!
  • Onsies:
    • Vision: Harley will be in a new onsie everyday and we will even change the outfits multiple times a day
    • Reality: Harley often wears the same onsie for 2 days! They are never super dirty and it is just easier than having her kick and scream when we try to put new outfits on.
  • Sleep
    • Vision: Harley will nap in the crib, never in someones arms. She will also go to bed at the same time every night.
    • Reality: Brian and I are adults and want to go to restaurants, and out on the town. Harley comes with. She has fallen asleep in her carseat, in peoples arms, and has experienced many late nights with family and friends. And she is okay! She is not overly tired the next day and normally during the experience she is well behaved.
  • Food:
    • Vision: I will only make Harley’s baby food, I will never serve her the pouches or jars.
    • Reality: We travel a lot. And at times I am too lazy to make her food in advance. Those pouches and jars have been a savior in situations were steaming food is inaccessible!

When I look at this list, I realize that every mom is doing the best that we can. We all have our challenges and battles that we chose to fight for. I have realized that motherhood is the biggest job in the world. And if something doesn’t go in the way that you envisioned, it is okay! Motherhood is all about rolling with the punches. As long as your child is loved, well cared for, and safe, you are doing a great job!

What is one vision you had that varies from your reality?

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