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Cut Out For the Emergency Room

Cut Out For the Emergency Room

From the time I decided to become a nurse, I knew that the ER was calling my name. I wanted to deal with the unconscious people, the traumatic incidents, and the life or death situations. Little did I know what I was getting myself in to.

The ER holds my heart. The fast paced lifestyle is what I strive for. I have worked as a tech in the ER for the past year and a half. This past year and a half has been the biggest life changer for me. I have watched the nurses and doctors exhaust all options. I have held your hand as you face a scary diagnosis. I have been the ones to comfort a family member when they feel like falling apart. I have wiped you as you feel your dignity is escaping. I have held your hair back when you throw up and I have wiped your tears. I have laughed with you, learned about your families, and all your wrong doings.

Being an employee in the ER doesn’t mean just helping the patient. It means giving yourself to the family members. It means being available at all hours of the night in order to help the next person who walks through the door. It is facing uncertainty.

To the patients who walk through our doors, know we are trying our best to get to you. Although it may seem that we are sitting down and ignoring your concerns, charting is highly important. Our computers are the lifelines which tells us the next direction that we must take in terms of your care. Please don’t be angry if you have to wait. Waiting is good in an ER. It means that the results that you are waiting for aren’t life threatening. Trust me, you don’t want to get straight back in. The people who come in and immediately are taking back could have an injury that is more serious. We will get to you. And please remember we are all human.

The ER holds my heart. And I can’t wait to become an official ER nurse!

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