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Maple’s Dog Necessities

Maple’s Dog Necessities

Having a 8 month old puppy has been a blessing. Maple came into our family at the perfect time. Having a dog has been the biggest challenge and one of our greatest life challenges. With a 8 month old daughter, a puppy can be quite the handful. We have learned certain foods, treats, toys and leashes are our best bet in maintaining a good relationship between our family and our newest addition Maple.

These links are affiliate but we only promote items that we love!

  1. Wellness Dog Food: Maple loves this food and I am given piece of mind because it is more natural!
  2. Barkbox: OMG, we couldn’t have better things to say about our Barkbox! Maple loves her toys, the treats are natural and don’t contain fillers. We honestly sit by the mailbox around the middle of the month just hoping that our box has come! Click this link and get your first box free! https://www.barkbox.com/r/UFUZU0GQWF
  3. Leash: This leash has been our savior! I love the fact that it has two handles especially when walking the dog and the baby together. I feel that I actually have more control instead of folding the leash up into my hand. Plus it is strong enough to control our German shepherd!
  4. Trachea: Our dog loves her beef trachea’s. They will entertain her for hours and it is one of the best rewards we can give her!.

All in all, the puppy has brought us so much joy and happiness. People always say I’m crazy when I say I have an 8 month old puppy and baby. It is totally worth it! What are some of your dog necessities?


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