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The Largest Lessons Harley Has Taught Us

The Largest Lessons Harley Has Taught Us

Harley has been the biggest blessing of our life. Although the sleep deprivation is real, the smiles, laughs, and cute moments make it all worth it. I always knew being a mom would be amazing, but I never realized that she would be my biggest teacher. The lessons I have learned from her few short months are incredible.

  1. Love unconditionally: In all the different moments, love is number 1. From the minute I met our daughter, I was madly in love. I had never felt a connection that was so strong. Now, with every smile, coo, cry, raspberry or spit up, my love only grows stronger. I want to give my daughter the world. I want to shelter her from the scares but I know it will make her more adept to every situation. Since she was born, I have focused on loving everyone for all their perfections and imperfections. Love knows no boundaries.
  2. Enjoy the little moments: Being a parent, I never realized that even in the mundane moments, your child is showing you something amazing. From the times that Harley sits on the floor and grabs at a toy, to her little kicks before we pick her up from the crib, every moment should be appreciated. We must take the time out to look for the little moments that show pure bliss. By putting down the screens, a little moment can be enjoyed.
  3. Time Flies: I remember being pregnant with my little angel and now she is pushing 8 months. I honestly can’t remember where the time has gone. Being a parent has been an incredible experience and I am so glad she chose me to be her mommy. But time needs to slow down. I want to cherish each and every moment with her.

Being a momma is tough. It means putting someone else’s needs in front of your own. Its offering unconditional love. It is the most rewarding job on the planet. Miss Harley Rose, thank you for making me a mommy. I hope to show you the world. I love you.

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