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My Favorite Mom Relaxing Items!

My Favorite Mom Relaxing Items!

This post contains affiliate links. I only recommend products that I truly love.

Being a mom is exhausting! Yet, I love every moment of it. My absolute favorite thing to do is take a bath while the baby sleeps. There is something about soaking in a warm tub full of luscious bubbles that is heavenly.

I love having a glass of wine, a candle, and my phone playing music while I dive head first into a novel. My baths are all about the experience. I can’t wait to share some of my favorite bath items with you!


Bath Shelf: A bath shelf is a total necessity. I have tried over the years to keep things on the corners of my bath tub and many things have ended up going for a little swim. I love having all my items right in front of me. Because when I am tired, all I want is my glass of wine within arms reach!

Bath Bombs: My baths wouldn’t be complete without a bomb! I love the smells and the amount of bubbles they normally produce. Because I love to sit and really let my self relax, using a bath bomb protects my skin from too much water logging!

Alba Botanica Passionfruit Body Wash: This body wash is my life. Passion fruit is my favorite thing on this planet and this body wash smells delightful. I honestly wish I could eat it. Every time I lather up, I am transported to the laying on the sandy shores in Hawaii.

Face  Masks: My poor daughter thinks I am a monster because I use face masks at least 4 to 5 times a week. I love knowing that my skin is being replenished and it makes me feel better about myself. I will also use a peel off mask because there is something so satisfying about peeling off large pieces in the end.

Candle: Soy candles are the best to relax with. They smell delicious and I am absolutely in love with Paddywax brand! The grapefruit scent is rejuvenating.

Bath time is my favorite time! What are some of your bath necessities?

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