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Our Cleaning Neccessities

Our Cleaning Neccessities

This post contains affiliate links. I only review products that I truly love.

Having a baby and a puppy means our house can turn into a disaster zone in a blink of an eye! I am constantly wiping up small spills caused by the baby throwing her spoon, or the dog will happen to knock something over. I swear that every time I clean something up, the two are cooking up some mischievous plan to dirty another area in our house.

Because Harley is crawling and the puppy likes 98% of the surfaces in our house, I choose to use natural cleaning products that are safe around my two most precious babies!

My number 1 recommendation is a Roomba!We run the Roomba at least twice a day when we are out of the house, and the hair it picks up never ceases to amaze me! The Roomba has saved my back and my sanity.

Number 2: Seventh Generation cleaner is my absolute favorite. I use their products for everything. I love that the smell is very natural, and that the ingredients are ones that are natural.

Number 3: Reusable Sponges. Our family has decided to go with less waste. We compost all of our food scraps, bring our own takeout containers, and decided that washable sponges were a great route to take. Once they are dirty, you can place them in the top shelf of the dishwasher and they are as good as new!

Our constant cleaning can be a daunting task, but by switching to products I love, it makes cleaning just a little bit more fun. What are your favorite cleaning products?

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