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Making My Daughters Food

Making My Daughters Food

All of me wants to splurge on a baby brezza. It sounds absolutely perfect, yet when I look at my kitchen tools, I see everything I possibly could need and I am saving 150 dollars. Yes, a one stop shop for making food sounds amazing but 150 dollars is a lot of diapers!

From the minute Harley was born, I knew that I would be making her food. I knew that I could source the ingredients from places I loved. And making her food isn’t that hard! Our CSA box has come in handy because all the produce is organic.

All you need to make baby food is a steamer, and something to mash the food up. In my case I use my food processor because I make large batches to last for the week.

I try to keep Harley away from fruit as much as possible. I try to stick with vegetables due to them being less sweet and containing less sugar. Harley’s first food was avocado and she loved it. We then proceeded to try sweet potato which she hated. Carrots were a good shot! And now I am making combinations of food which have been going over much easier than single ingredient food!

Our three favorite combos are:

1. Kale, corn, and yellow squash.
First, I boil the corn. I make sure the corn is quite soft when I cut it off the cob and it goes straight into the food processor. Then I peel and steam the squash. I steam the squash for about 10 minutes until it falls apart when pierced by a fork. Finally, I add the kale to the steamer. The kale normally only takes about 3-4 minutes to steam! Finally, all ingredients go into the food processor. I add a little bit of water to thin it out, and then place it into freezer appropriate containers.

2. Yellow squash, kale, green beans, broccoli and corn

3. Zucchini, spinach, apples and pears

4. Corn, kale, broccoli, and pears

Making my daughters food has been so much fun! I love mixing it up and knowing that my daughter is eating the best food possible.

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  • I always enjoyed making baby food, which I realize it kind of strange. It was just fun to turn grownup food into something my baby could enjoy. But I never had a fancy machine either. I just cooked everything and ran it through the blender, then froze it in ice cube trays so it could be easily portioned out or combined with another flavor later.

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