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My Baby Essentials at 6 Months

My Baby Essentials at 6 Months

Harley is growing so fast! Gone is my little wrinkly baby who depended on us to hold her head and show her the world. She is replaced by a curious little girl who is on the verge of crawling. She wants to be involved in every moment and she lets her wishes be known. Her hands are constantly in her mouth, and she absolutely loves to lick the condensation on glasses. I have learned that there are a few key essentials to entertaining a 6 month old and I am so excited to share them with you!

A Vibrating Teether

One of our cousins got Harley this teether and it has been a life saver! Not only can she hold it, when she bites hard, the teether starts to gently vibrate. The vibrations help distract her! We have the strawberry one and are in love!

A Baby Walker

Harley loves her walker. It gives her the freedom to roam around! Although right now Harley can only push herself backwards, she is slowly figuring out how to go forward! Here is the link to the one that we love!

A Play Mat

Harley loves her play mat! It is absolutely perfect to entertain Harley for hours on end. Not only can she play with her friends while laying on her back, if she rolls, the mat has friends that she loves. We made sure to grab a mat that would grow with her. And when our daughter sits up on her own, our mat becomes a ball pit!

What are your 6 month favorite items?

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