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Going Cruelty Free

Going Cruelty Free

When Harley was born, I slowly began the process of making my home a cleaner and safer home. I slowly but surely switched my cleaning products, my food, and chose to take a more active approach on our families health.

For the household cleaner, I chose to use Seventh Generation. I am absolutely in love with all their products. I love that they are gentle, yet tough on dirt. I use all their products from window cleaner, to all purpose cleaner, to the bathroom cleaner. My tub has never been whiter! Next, I use the laundry detergent for Harley and I. The baby detergent has never given Harley a rash and it is gentle on her skin. I love the adult version for us! The lavender smelling detergent is my absolute favorite!

For Harley’s diapers and wipes, I also choose to use Seventh Generation. I love that they are all plant based with no toxic chemicals. I refuse to use normal diapers on her when Harley will sit for them for hours. When we tried other diapers, after a few hours, Harley’s skin was red and raised. I felt so bad for my little girl! Plus who could say no to the cute little prints of the diaper!


Finally, I have found an app that is helping me on the quest of being cruelty free! Its called cruelty cutter! You scan an items barcode and it tells the information about the company and if it tests on animals.

I am so glad to be slowly getting my family into a safer and healthier state!

Do you have any recommendations on cruelty free products?

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