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Babies First Festival

Babies First Festival

My fiancé and I love music festivals. One of our first dates was to a festival in Avila beach called Forever Never Land. Although they had hyped up the festival and most of the promises fell through, I can honestly say it was one of the most fun days of my life. In a time where so many things went wrong, we had a blast finding the bright side. And from then on, we became addicted. Throughout our relationship, Bottlerock in Napa valley has been one of our favorites. Not only is bottlerock an incredible weekend for music but it is also known to be a food and wine fest.

You can choose to eat from renound chefs including Morimoto. Morimoto makes the best tamarind glazed ribs that actually melt off the bone. It is honestly one of the best things I have ever tasted.

Last year during bottlerock, I was pregnant with Harley. And this year we decided to bring her! She was such a little trooper! And with these tips, your little one can join you!

1. Make sure to pack a tent/sun shade. We love our tent from kidco, it creates shade while having mosquito netting to let air flow in. It also folds down to a compact size!

2. Make sure to have headphones. We started putting our daughter in the headphones a few weeks before so she got used to them and left them on.

3. Pack baby sunscreen!

4. Bring a carrier!

5. The venues will allow you to bring in baby food so you can keep the same diet for your little one!

6. Don’t stress! By stressing, you can influence the babies emotions!

I can’t wait to bring Harley to her next festival! 

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