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Our Favorite Bibs!

Our Favorite Bibs!

Harley has reached the point in her life that bibs are a necessity! Especially when eating solids! Harley is not a neat baby. When she eats, her hands are automatically in her mouth and her food is covering her from head to toe!!

Eating has become a chore because not only does it mean cleaning the baby, but also the high chair, the floor and usually the dog. I have learned that by putting a bib on her, we can confine the mess to it because she starts to play with it. When a wrap a bib around her neck, it becomes her new toy and she’s fascinated!

Our favorite bibs are little kims! Their designs are adorable! They are soft and plush. I love that they double snap in the back! Without that double snap, Harley rips them off like there’s no tomorrow! These bibs are amazing. I refuse to use any else because of how perfect they are!

If you would like to order a little Kim’s bib, go to littlekims.com! If you want 20% use bibs20off!

I can’t wait to see some photos of your adorable children in super styling bibs!

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