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Mommy Moments

Mommy Moments

Today, Harley fell asleep in my arms. As I looked down on her peaceful sleeping face, I was reminded with words I had spoken while pregnant. I always swore that I would never let her nap in my arms. That the minute she fell asleep, I would move her to her crib. But just in this very moment I realized something. 

While looking down at her sleeping face, I realize being a mom isn’t easy. Being a mom isn’t glamorous. A mom means sacrificing your needs for your little one. A job of a mom means little sleep, being covered in spit up, dealing with the blowouts, and the crying spells. Being a mom means loving your little one unconditionally. It means checking on them every waking moment and the minute you leave them, you constantly want to check that they are okay. Being a mom means that you are never truly free and your life revolves around your children.

Gone is the nights of carelessness. Gone are the nights where you can move effortlessly from bar to bar without a care in the world. Gone are the nights of regret.

Welcome to the world of diaper changes in the middle night. Cuddles and feedings because your little one wakes up. Harley has become my life and even if I need a moment to myself, my thoughts are consumed of my little one.

Motherhood is challenging but it truly is the best job ever.

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