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Hello Mom Car

Hello Mom Car

For about 5 years, I drove my dream car. My white Mini Cooper countryman was the dream. It was stick shift, small, and could zip around with good gas mileage. That mini got me everywhere. Every time I got in my car I smiled. The adventures in my mini was endless. Although it was a bigger version of a mini, my boyfriend and I always seemed to cram it up to the top with stuff. I will always remember having to fit a queen sized air mattress into it when our tent broke at Coachella. That car has sooo many memories. When we found out about Harley, I knew my time with this car would soon come to an end. A stroller barely fit into the back, and to make a car seat fit, the entire passenger seat was pushed to the very front. Yet, for 5 months we prevailed in tight quarters. Then we decided to get a puppy. While the puppy sat in front with me, I banished Brian to the back, and we continued. But finally, we decided it was time.

It was time for an all wheel drive. Time to get a car that would grow with our family. It was time to become a big kid. This is my first big adult purchase. It was my first time at a dealer without my parents by my side. And I have to say it feels pretty darn good to say this is my car. I couldn’t be more thankful for the support that Brian has shown me through this endeavor. I can’t wait to create new adventures in this car. It is perfect for us! 

We are now proud owners of the 2016 Edge and I can’t wait to break it in by going snowboarding!

I now have a mom car. A car with leather seats that are easy to wipe down. A car that fits a car seat with a copious amount of room around it. A car that can handle a stroller, dog and room for groceries in the back. I have a mom car with a foot sensors lift gate so there is no more messing with a car seat. I am happy.

Life is about taking chances and realizing your full potential. This car is just adding to our life and the results will be fantastic.

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