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Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories

Reading is very important in our family. Harley has been read to since she was in my tummy. Her daddy would find a novel that he wanted her to hear and read to her every night. He read her Alice and Wonderland just in time to finish it about 4 hours before she was born.

After she was born, the reading continued. Her dad decided to read The Fault in Our Stars every night when she went to bed. As much as we treasure the moments of reading novels to her because we soon know the time will come when she will choose what she wants to hear.

During the day, I read to her my favorite childhood books. We absolutely love Biscuit due to the fact that we too just got a new puppy who is just as needy! Where the Wild Things Are is another great addition because it shows the importance of imagination and dreams.

I now have another new favorite book! I received an opportunity from Stephanie at the Blythe Daniel Agency about receiving 2 books! One for little miss Harley and one to give away. She sent us the best book ever!

The book is called I’m Going to Give You A Bear Hug by Caroline B. Cooney. The book is beautifully illustrated and the story is even more loving. I love that the entire concept of the book is about giving different types of hugs and relating them to animals. I had always alternated my different kisses to Harley such as eskimo and butterfly but I never had thought about hugs! We even have almost all the animals mentioned in the book in Harley’s toy chest. As we read the book, we bring out the different animals and allow them to hug her which in turn elicits many smiles from our little one. This book has opened our eyes to incorporating the imagination when it comes to hugs! I am so glad that reading has given us the opportunity to teach Harley so many things.

To enter the giveaway, go to our Instagram: missharleyrose0 and comment your favorite childhood book on the photo of us reading to her! Winner will be chosen on Sunday the 16th.

*Thank you so much to Stephanie for sending us these books and making this giveaway possible! We truly appreciate it. DSC00431DSC00432

15 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories”

  • We have been reading with our twins since pregnancy as well. Reading to babies and toddlers is the best educational gift parents can give to their children. Good job mama!

  • We’ve been reading to my 16 month old since his very early days too, and in the past few months, he’s been OBSESSED with his books, which I love so much. All he wants to do is read one book after another, all day. It’s so sweet. This book looks adorable, I’ll have to check it out!

  • This sounds like such a wonderful book! I will have to try and get over to your IG and enter the giveaway. I think my son would really love interacting with different stuffed animals, too!

  • We love reading! We started with the book my late father used to read to me the first night home form the hospital with each one of my kiddos. It’s such a bonding experience. And what a neat idea about bringing each one of the animals out! My oldest is learning to read, so he tries to follow along with us, always an adventure.

  • First off, such sweet pictures! She’s a doll! This book looks so cute! My two year-old loves ANYTHING involving animals, so I’m sure it would be a big hit. 🙂

  • When my daughter was a newborn I read a novel to her by the author she was named after. It’s a good thing she didn’t understand anything because there were some detailed autopsy scenes. lol

  • This sounds like a lovely book – will check it out. Reading to children is so important and helps with their speak and language development. They’re never too young to enjoy books:)

  • We always try to keep books in our little ones’ reach. When my oldest was about 15 mo old, every morning without fail, she’d bring me book after book for an hour straight while I read each one to her. Now today, I catch her reading under her blankets with s flashlight when she should be sleeping! Reading to my kids is one of my favorite things and I love what a little bookworm she is already!

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