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Overwhelmed And It’s Okay

Today was overwhelming. Our daughter has been needy since we got back from traveling. She wants to constantly be in our arms and if you set her down the screams commence. Our puppy has only been with us a few days and as much as we love her, we have come to realize her previous owners haven’t ever socialized her. She is unsure of a leash, hates to pee outside and hides under benches at the park. But we will get through that. While I was making dinner the baby was bloody murder screaming while I worked over a hot stove. I couldn’t pick her up because I don’t want something to go wrong with a baby and heat. This moment was very overwhelming. And then I realized, I am enough and it will be okay. 

Most days Harley is now happy. She coos, sits up like a big girl, and engages in the world around her. If she wants to be cuddled all day, I need to embrace it. How much longer will she want to be in my arms? I am okay. A screaming fit won’t break my mommy stamina. If she wants love, cuddles and attention I need to be the mom who gives her all of my love. I love her more than anything and at times, this journey gets tough. But I am enough. I know one day she will appreciate the late night wake up calls for milk. 

Mommas I think we constantly try to say we aren’t enough. We are always thinking up new ways to be better. But take a look at what you have created. We are enough. We are more than enough. Our children love us no matter what. As mothers we need to stop putting ourselves down and hiding our feelings. It’s okay to be overwhelmed and exhausted. We are doing the most difficult job on the planet! We are raising human beings!

6 thoughts on “Overwhelmed And It’s Okay”

  • We have had our share of those days. I had to break out the baby carrier yesterday because our little guy wants to be held while I’m prepping breakfast. He’s 18 months old and I haven’t had to use that since he was 12 months.

  • You re enough. I love that message you are telling yourself because its evident that your baby adores you and appreciates your hard work. Not all children are lucky like our children to have mothers who care so much and it’s great you are reminding your readers of their worth. Love it!

  • We totally are enough! 🙂 thanks for this, it was a welcome read this morning. I have been feeling like I’ve been falling down in all areas lately. But when I really think about it, it’s amazing that anyone doing all we do is even still standing!

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