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Baby Wearing

Baby wearing changed my life the moment I bought my first wrap. Harley was a fussy baby due to the colic. She would scream for hours on end and I would end up holding her, hoping for some relief. I remember running into Target and finding the boba wrap. It was inexpensive and due to Harley being small, I decided I would try a wrap instead of a carrier in the beginning. It was the best decision I ever made. 

The boba wrap allowed me to wrap Harley in her fussiest moments and she would almost automatically fall asleep. My hands were finally free and I could get chores done around the house while she slept! The wrap was the perfect cocoon where she felt safe enough to sleep. The boba wrap changed my life. 

Next came my favorite carrier of all time. I joined a Facebook group where someone I knew was a beachfront baby ambassador. She posted that they were looking for new ambassadors and I applied. I had never known that there were wraps and ring slings that were designed to go in the water. I actively work with two surf charities during the summer and a wrap that can go to the beach is extremely helpful! 

I found out about two weeks later that I had become a beachfront baby ambassador and this wrap became my favorite! Not only is it lightweight and made from recycled material such as plastic bottles, it is made in the US! Beachfront baby uses moms that they know to help construct this perfect wraps. They are quick drying, Uv protected and just the right amount of fabric that you want when at the beach. I fell in love. I bring this wrap everywhere with me. It is perfect for in and out of the water. Currently in Belize it is 87 degrees with a 80 percent humidity. Caye Caulker and our stroller don’t get along due to the sandy roads, so baby wearing has become essential! I absolutely love my wraps and I can’t wait to try the ring sling when she gets older! 

If you want a beachfront baby wrap, their website is beachfrontbaby.com! 

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