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Flying with a baby

As I write this post, I am looking out at the crystal blue waters of Belize. We had planned this trip months ago and finally it was time to embark on our journey. Flying with a baby made me anxious and stressed but we did it!

First thing I did was schedule a pediatrician appointment right before we left. We ended up getting her 4 month vaccinations early because he recommended them before we traveled. I also brought in the sunscreen and bug spray we wanted to bring to ensure it was the best for Harley. Then I had him make sure she was okay to travel. The tickets we booked allowed me to cancel up to the day of travel just in case something was wrong with the baby.

We decided to pack everything in carry ons because we had a very tight schedule after landing in Belize. We had to make a ferry that was an leaving an hour and a half after we landed that included a 20 minutes drive to get there. We were afraid that between customs, a baby and waiting for checked baggage, we wouldn’t make it.

Our morning began at 5 am. We woke up and i immediately fed her to ensure a quiet drive to the airport. When we got there we had to check in at the gate because she was included on our ticket as a lap child! So far so good! We had made it to the airport without any significant meltdowns! After clearing security which was quite easy and the agents were extremely helpful, we got to enjoy a Bloody Mary before boarding the plane. 

We opted in for family boarding and finally we were on the plane! Our first leg of the trip went smoothly, I just happened to nurse her for almost 2 hours to keep her happy. She enjoyed walking up and down the aisles smiling at everyone who gave her attention. 

Then we had our layover which wasn’t too terrible! We happened to find a delicious Mexican restaurant in the Houston airport and the little miss was happy looking out at the people walking by. (I should mention by this point, almost 6 hours later, the little one maybe only had slept 20 min)

Finally our last leg! We boarded the plane and were informed it was another full flight! Luckily we ended up having no one sit next to us so we had an empty window seat which we could lay her down in! She ended up being quite the fuss bucket on this plane ride because she was overly exhausted but as long as I allowed her to just nurse, she would calm down and eventually stop sucking but just stayed because it was comfortable. 

We finally landed in Belize! Flew through customs! And made it to the ferry with enough time to enjoy the local Belikin beer! I am so excited to share our journey with you! 

Important tips to fly with a baby: 

1. Leave enough time to get to the airport to make sure you aren’t stressed. Babies take a little more time to clear security and having an extra 30 min made all the difference 

2. Don’t sweat it, most people have experienced travel with kids and are often willing to lend a hand. I promise people aren’t that mad when she’s screaming! 

3. Nurse on the takeoff and landing to allow their ears to equalize 

4. Bring enough diapers and clothes! Be prepared for blowouts and vomits due to the pressure change 

5. Smile, love your baby and relax because vacation is coming 

9 thoughts on “Flying with a baby”

  • Thank you for this post, we are travelling for the first time long haul with our baby in May and this post really helped reassure me. I’m glad your little one handled it well.

  • Brilliant idea to bring her to the pediatrician right before your trip to make sure she was 100%, and to have them look at the bug spray & sunscreen for you. Always great to have that peace of mind before traveling. Glad your trip went well – hope the return travels go just as smoothly!

  • We went on our first place trip with our daughter when she was 6 months. It wasn’t so bad. We did it again at almost 2 and that one was a little worse because she couldn’t sit still the whole time and my husband is 100% against letting her walk up and down the aisle. Now we also have my son and we took both of them when he was days shy of 1 and she was almost 4. That trip was a piece of cake! iPads, snacks and small toys are a MUST HAVE on the plane. Hand wipes, sanitizing wipes and extra pair of clothes are also necessary.

  • I have only flown a few times with a baby but definitely agree with all your tips. I’m trying to figure out how to keep my toddler happy on our flight this summer.

  • Such awesome tips! I couldn’t imagine my three kids trying to fly anywhere right now. My two year old would probably want to leave and shes a loud crier! Ugh long plane rides would be the death of me. Maybe the 1 yr old would be fine..but its probably a stressful one for us.

  • I have never flown with a baby before. It seems like a stressful thought, but like you said it doesn’t have to be and people are usually understanding….except for those few! Who cares about them anyways, they would find something to complain about! Thanks for sharing!

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