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First time swimming

First time swimming

Harley has officially joined the ranks of being in a pool! We decided to bring her to our fitness clubs indoor pool for a little introduction before we fly to Belize for 9 days.

Granted as a mom I was a little apprehensive. I was afraid the water would be too cold, the pool would be too chlorinated, or that she wouldn’t even be able to handle the noises. We went and bought swim diapers, and they don’t make any for a 12 pound baby. Panic attack number 1. Immediately I started second guessing my decision. If the smallest swim diaper was made for 16 pounds was I taking my precious little angel in a pool too early?

I am so glad that I took her. Immediately when we took her into the pool she smiled. She kicked around, and splashed with her hands. Brian and I took turns swimming her over to each other and boy did she smile. The water calms her. She was so happy sitting in our arms submersed watching other kids go through lessons. The pool was a big success!

While I got out to get a warm shower going for her (another first).  Until today we had only tried baths so I was afraid of a shower but she loved it too! Her daddy and her dunked under the water before getting out and we didn’t even get a cry! As a baby I hated my face wet so I’m trying everything in my power to have the opposite for my daughter!

All in all the pool was a great day filled with new adventures and likes for our little princess! 

11 thoughts on “First time swimming”

  • So adorable! Both of my babes have been swimming since three weeks, they absolutely love the water and has meant no issues with bath/shower either!
    Hope you enjoy your holiday!

  • Oh so glad she liked it. My kids are like fish. My daughter only wants to go on beach vacations and stay in hotels with pools that have waterslides. Spoiled much? Definitely put that pretty girl in swimming lessons as soon as she’s old enough.

  • Swimming is such a fun and exciting activity for baby! Taking your baby in the water for the first time is quite the experience. Looks like your darling did quite well and loved every minute 🙂

  • Aw lovely <3 My two have been going swimming lessons since they were 6 months old and my 3 year old can swim unaided now. It is expensive but definitely worth the money all day long! Popped over from Savvy Mom Bloggers x

  • Thats so sweet! My oldest loves the water and the two younger ones are only getting into it now..summer is soon and this will be the first in the pool for the two younger ones.

  • My kids love the water at bathtime, want to get in the pool, but then need to hang on us. Wish we would’ve got them in earlier! My youngest has the opposite problem with swim diapers. Before he was 2 he was too big for them. He’s got some tree stumps! I’m getting him an adjustable, reusable one for this summer.

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