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Up to my elbows in shit

Today I realized my life has turned to shit quite literally.

At clinical today, two of my patients had diarrhea. It was a constant battle with them as they descriptively told me about their bowel movements and had me help wipe them. I kept thinking life couldn’t get much shittier (pun intended). Then my patient decided to seize in the nursing station as he was walking around. And with most seizures, bowel movements are the first to go. And you guessed it. I got to deal with more shit. 

Fast forward to coming home from clinical. My beautiful 4 month old was looking like a little angel. I couldn’t wait to hold her after being away for 17 hours. I went to pick her up and my hands immediately felt wet. Of course she had saved her blow out for me and I was left dealing with more shit. 

Choosing nursing has always been easy. I love taking care of people. And today I realized that in the metaphor of shit, your life can be viewed in two ways. You can learn to accept the shit and dig out of it to move on to a cleaner slate or you can let the shit pile up until you no longer have a clear picture. 

I never knew shit would teach me so much. 

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