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Donating 250 oz

From day one with Harley I had to start pumping. Unfortunately the little miss wouldn’t latch on which meant I had to hand express and place it on a spoon to feed her. 

At first I had my medela hand pump while we waited on insurance to pay for my mechanical pump. I remember pumping and getting 3-4 oz out and being amazed at what my body produced. I was growing a freezer stash! 

Then she started to latch on. I would occasionally pump the other side when she was eating but most of the time I would feed her on one side and be done. 

Then the love of my life came through. My haakaa pump has been the best thing to happen to me! I love that I can just suction it on to the other side while I feed my daughter and it catches the let down.

Besides using my hand pump and mechanical pump twice a week while I’m in school, all my milk comes from the haakaa. 

Today, I called mothers milk bank and told them I had 250oz to donate. 250oz of liquid gold that the haakaa managed to catch instead of wetting my shirt. 250oz that took up most of my freezer. And with those 250 oz gone, it barely touched half my stash. 

Breast feeding is hard but rewarding and I am so thankful to be able to help other little babies! 

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