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Full Time School

As finals approach, I feel the pressure. I am feeling the pressure of completing another term of nursing school. I am feeling the pressure of having to spend time away from my daughter because I need to do well.

The pressure is insurmountable. It continues to grow and grow and seems like it’s never going to end.

Nursing school is hard. Nursing school is a never ending pressure to succeed. Grades must be top notch to get into a new grad program. Nursing school is competitive. Nursing school is literally crawling through hell to emerge victorious.

Countless hours are spent in clinical while not getting paid. Countless hours are spent crying because diseases are so similar. Countless all nighters are spent due to the pressure of tests and upcoming projects.

Nursing is what I want to do. I have a calling. And if it means leaving my baby for hours at a time to achieve my dream, it is what I have to do. Harley is my life but helping others is my calling.

I can’t wait to figure out the balance of both. Pediatric ER here I come.

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