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My Experience With Sensory Deprivation

Yesterday I tried floating for the first time. I had been hearing that floating was a great way to relax and so I finally took a plunge and purchased one session on Groupon. 

After having the Groupon for a little over a month, I called and made an appointment. It was finally time for me to float. While I was scheduling the appointment Derek gave me a few pointers. No shaving for 24 hours, no caffeine before your float and eat a light meal about 2 hours before your appointment time. 

Before the float I was very apprehensive. My appointment was for 90 minutes. I kept wondering if I was going to be able to shut off my brain for that long. What was I going to do in a tank of water with all my senses deprived for 90 minutes? I joked around with my family that I wasn’t going to be able to make it. That I was going to end up coming home early because the experience wasn’t for me. But I was determined to try.

When I arrived to float, Derek gave me some pointers. First you shower off to remove all lotions and oils. And then it’s time to climb into the tank. To me the tank looked like a body freezer. The tank I floated in was 8 ft tall, 7 ft long and 4 ft wide. The depth of the water is 12 inches and the temperature is 98.6. My first thought when climbing in was wow the water is warm and the tank is quite humid. I placed my ear plugs in and shut the door. I was now plunged into complete darkness. I slowly laid myself down and immediately floated which is a very cool feeling. It’s nice to be completely suspended without having to move any part of your body to stay afloat. 

I immediately was able to turn my brain off which was quite an amazing feat. I honestly can’t tell you if I fell asleep. And then the panic set in. I immediately sat up, and wanted to get out. But I decided to stick with it, to calm myself down and get back into the float. 

Well I survived, I stayed in for an hour and eighteen minutes. I only got out because I thought he was knocking saying it was over.

My thoughts: floating takes away all sense of time. I honestly couldn’t tell you if I had been in there for a minute or an hour. Floating takes away your perception of direction. Due to the complete darkness, I couldn’t tell what was up or down or if I was turning while floating. Floating makes you feel as if your body isn’t yours. When I shook off the water before stepping out of the tank, I finally felt reconnected to myself. My brain was able to shut off because it was a break from my 3 month old. 90 minutes was a little long but I am so glad I prevailed through my anxiety and made it through the float!

If you want to try floating and live in San Diego, I floated in ocean beach. The 90 minute session is on Groupon! 

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