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Travel Essentials

From the moment Harley was born, she became a road warrior. We were traveling between Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles and San Diego. We were living in Santa Barbara, visiting family in Ventura, commuting to my school in Los Angeles and planning a move to San Diego. This poor baby was in the car constantly. We learned how to pack for a few days at a time with a newborn and we now have it down to a fine science.

The most important thing we pack is our brica travel bassinet!



This bassinet is amazing. It folds down to practically nothing, I leave it in my car because I bring it everywhere. The baby sleeps perfectly in it and it fits in most spots. At school, my boyfriend was able to place it on the desk next to him so she could keep an eye on her, and at relatives homes, we could place it in a quiet corner for naps!

Next, for clothes and blankets, I make sure to pack two outfits and blankets per day that we are gone. Harley is known for her blowouts, so I always make sure to have enough clothes for any situation.

We also pack a mini Tupperware container of our Honest Natural detergent. I don’t trust Harley with normal laundry detergent because I want to preserve her sensitive skin!


What are your essentials in packing for the little ones?

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