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Mourning the Belly

When I was pregnant, Harley kicked me a lot in my ribs, it was super painful and I always wanted her out.

But no one warned me that once I delivered, my belly would be gone. I was able to zip up my pre pregnancy jeans the day I left the hospital. No one tells you that you might mourn your belly. I cried for days because I felt empty on the inside. I had this miraculous creature on the outside but in the inside I lost the kicks, hiccups and movements that had been with me for the past 9 months. My pregnancy was pretty much perfect besides a little bit of morning sickness in the beginning. I worked until the day before I delivered. I slept 10 hours a night, could lay on my back, and had no pain from my growing belly. Yet, it’s been 11 weeks and I still miss the belly.

14721624_10154203999718853_4274482309004602889_n14713609_10154203999653853_8413983794217264971_nMy connection with Harley is amazing and grows stronger each day. Being a mother means sacrificing yourself to satisfy your child. And I know can’t wait to be pregnant again. To know that I will have a bump and be able to feel the movement excite me. Baby girl I love you more than you’ll ever know, thanks for making me a mommy.

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