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A Fussy Baby

A Fussy Baby

Harley is fussy. Not the average baby fussy but the scream her head off for hours on end fussy. Her screams are loud, obnoxious, frustrating, scary, and d0wnright heartbreaking. But she is okay.

She screams after she’s fed, when she’s dry and in a safe place. Harley just likes to scream to let us know she is here. We have tried gripe water, mylicon drops, baby wearing, car rides, and every trick in the book. Swings don’t stop the screams, white noise barely touches it.

But in the end, I know we are okay. These episodes of screaming are making Brian and I stronger as parents. We have learned to trust in each other. We have learned coping mechanisms for the hours of screaming. She has made us love each other and appreciate what we have.

Harley you are loved. Harley you are special. Harley you are perfect. And to the moms with babies who scream, you are amazing. You are a fantastic mom and your baby loves you more than you could ever imagine. And just think, your child could become a fantastic singer with the great set of lungs she’s maturing.dsc00022

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