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I hate the word Supermom. I feel like it places mothers on a pedestal that can never be fully reached. I got called supermom multiple times two nights ago as I had a clinical class where I left my 8 week old for more than 5 hours. I kept getting the question, how do you do it? How are you leaving her at home while you take classes? How did you not take a term off when you had her? As I was being called supermom, many thoughts rushed to my head.

Did they know that I cried on my hour commute down because I didn’t want to leave Harley? Did I qualify as a supermom because I hadn’t showered in two days because a nap seemed more important? Did they know that my daughter loves to scream for hours on end and at times I feel overwhelmed? Did they know that breast feeding was a struggle in the beginning and at times can still be difficult?

No mom is a supermom. A mom is doing her best to survive with a healthy and happy baby while trying to maintain a sense of sanity. Being a mother means putting your child’s needs ahead of your own. Sacrificing the things you love because you want to enrich your child’s life to the greatest extent.

Motherhood for everyone is different and I commend everyone of you who has made the promise and dedicated their lives to raising a child in a safe and healthy environment. You are a great mom no matter if your a single parent, a mother who had to go back to full time work a few weeks after the birth, or if your a stay at home parent.

We all have our struggles, but motherhood is about overcoming them to better the lives of our family. Moms we aren’t supermoms, we are just doing our best with the cards we have been dealt.

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  • I love this! I think we. We’d to redefine what a supermom and being a perfect mom is. To me the fact that any mom does her best and through all of the tough times still has her kids fed and healthy means she is a hero. Not giving up (even after the third time of crying alone in the bathroom) shows real strength and courage.

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