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Leaving the Baby

Leaving the Baby

Today I cried. Today I felt like a horrible mother. I had to leave my baby for an extended period of time since I had her. She’s 7 weeks old and the bond is so hard to break.

But I know its for the better. I need to complete clinical to achieve my goals of becoming a nurse. I need to leave her to better myself. Leaving her means being able to work on myself individually and as a mother.

You are not a bad mother for leaving your child. Your child won’t love you any less for leaving. As mother’s we can never be super mom. We have to take time for ourselves. Our child is going to be okay.

Nursing school here I come. Clinical I will come out victorious because I am doing this for Harley. Harley is the reason behind my choices and I can’t wait to have her watch me succeed. IMG_1755.jpg

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