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The Best Shoes for Nursing School

Nursing schools uniform is one thing every student dreads. Often the uniform is all white from head to toe. Not only is white non conducive to a life of dealing with bodily functions, our shoes need to be able to be wiped clean of any evidence that we may of waded in.

Finding the perfect shoe is a key to success in nursing. The shoes must be the perfect fit, with the right arch support, and not leave your feet on fire after standing for 12+ hours.

When I was in the market for the perfect shoe, I searched for hours. I read reviews, I weighed the debate of clogs vs running shoes. The most important factor was they had to be all white, even a logo had to be white which is a pretty impossible task!

But I did it! I found the perfect shoe! They are comfortable, fit like a glove, made my feet feel like I was walking on air even at 8 months pregnant, they are incredible, amazing, and perfect.



Here is the link to the Timberland Pro Women’s Renovas. Even though they are a little pricey, you won’t be disappointed!

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