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My Favorite Accessory

My Favorite Accessory

To all the new mamas:

I have one word of advice. Pumping. Pumping is amazing, pumping has given me 200 extra oz of breast milk in the freezer and my daughter still only eats from the breast.

I have 3 different pumps, and I can honestly say I am in love with just one of them. I have a Medela electric pump which I find too bulky and confining, I don’t have the time to sit attached to wires for 30 minutes. Then I have the Medela hand pump which was my ride or die since I had her. I love being able to hand pump while working on my other tasks. But my all time favorite pump is the Haakaa pump.

The Haakaa pump is incredible. It is a silicon one piece pump that is to be used with the baby nursing on the other side. You literally take the pump, place it over the nipple and squeeze to create the suction. The pump catches the let down that your body already creates. If the suction doesn’t automatically make the milk come out, you just massage your breast and the pump does its magic. In a normal session, I can get 3 to 4 oz out without any work.

I wish the lactation counselor had told me about this pump. It is incredible and I would of loved to have this pump from the very beginning.

Here is the link to this amazing pump!





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