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6 Weeks and Continually Growing

6 Weeks and Continually Growing

Our baby girl is already 6 weeks old.

6 weeks has flown by. In these past 6 weeks, we have gone through hundreds of dirty diapers, cried as she’s cried, laughed as she’s smiled, and loved more than we ever thought possible.

6 weeks has taught me that as a mother I will never be perfect but I can sure try. Yes I cried when she took a bottle, yes I cry when she screams incessantly and can’t be calmed down, yes I cry knowing that I will soon be leaving her for clinical rotation which spans for a 15 hour day.

But although I cry, I know its whats best for her. She needs to take a bottle of breast milk to become more independent and to give mom a piece of mind. Yes, she needs to scream incessantly to know that she’s okay and nothing is wrong. Yes, I have to leave for clinical but me leaving means she will have a better future in the long run and I need to accept it.

Motherhood is hard, motherhood is tiring, motherhood is constantly doubting yourself to make sure that you are the best possible version of yourself. Motherhood is amazing.

Harley I wouldn’t change our journey in anyway shape or form. Your smiles, coos, falling asleep on my chest, dirty diapers and screams are all worth it. You have completed me. img_1682img_1691img_1710

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