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Money Saving Tips

Being in nursing school, my bank account doesn’t like me as much as it should. Yes, I continue to work part time but because of the pregnancy, my hours have been cut and my expenses have continued to grow a little bit each month.

Instead of passively letting my bank account drop, I decided to take some action and have been able to add about an extra 200 dollars to my bank account with some very simple tips!!

  1. Join Ebates. Using this code will automatically give you $10 when you make your first purchase! https://www.ebates.com/r/STEPHA15357?eeid=28187 . Ebates in the past few months has saved me 60 dollars and allows me to still online shop for the things I need but I reap the reward. Checks are sent out every few months and the extra cash really helps!
  2. Download Ibotta: We all grocery shop and just by taking a picture of the receipt and scanning barcodes on the products you buy, one can earn a few dollars back per shopping trip. Depending on what you are buying, you can walk away with about $10 per trip and the extra bonuses really help. For example, all your friends who join Ibotta make up your team, and if you hit a certain amount of rebates, you win extra money. Here is the code: ogksocc . Once you hit $20 dollars, you can withdraw the money straight to your paypal!
  3. Call your cable/internet/netflix/amazon accounts: Many of these companies provide discounts for new customers. But if you are a loyal customer and call customer service, they are often willing to drop down the rates if you threaten to switch because the incentives are better elsewhere. I have dropped my Cox internet bill by 15 dollars each month by just having a 5 minute phone call.

Every penny counts, and just by doing simple tips such as the ones above, money can be added back into your wallet with very little work on your part!

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