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Amping Up For the Big Day

Amping Up For the Big Day

I only have 6 more weeks to go! Wow, 34 weeks has flown by, and in those 34 weeks, I have learned more than I ever thought.

She has taught me so many life lessons and I haven’t even met her yet.

The biggest lessons she has taught me are:

  1. Focus on being in the moment, from every little kick to roll, I focus in on what she is doing. I stop focusing on the future and place myself with her. Not only has that helped calm me down, it has also helped in my relationships with other people because for once I seem focused.
  2. The love I have for Brian has grown exponentially, and a new love has grown as well. He is the love of my life but now he also has a new way to love placed upon him. He is the father of our amazing daughter. He is the provider and words can’t even begin to describe how thankful I am for him.
  3. Patience! Every kick, roll, and move hurts now. My ribs feel like they are constantly being broken. And as much as I want her here in person now, I know that the best place for her is in my belly for another 6 weeks.

I never knew that getting pregnant would mean such a change. A change from the world I once knew but yet its magical. I am so happy for this change, I am accepting and loving every moment. Harley is coming at just the right moment and we can’t wait to celebrate her arrival with open arms.

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