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About Me


Welcome to Miss Harley Rose,

This blog is about a 23 year old nursing student who just happens to be in love with her best friend and about to bring a beautiful little girl into the world December 8th.

I wanted to document the pregnancy loves and struggles, and the everyday lifestyle of learning how to be a full time student, a full time mommy, and a part time EMT in the ER.

As a mom, I vow to travel with my baby girl Harley, and show her the world. I promise to be the mom who shows her the love she deserves. And I promise to push past the struggles of everyday stressors to succeed because she is worth it in every way possible!

Here is to the beginning!

xoxo Steph

Here is the love of my life and the soon to be father of our precious angel12138612_10205468226490822_4290940539621070467_o

My momma, sister and I in Botswana while I was 23 weeks pregnant!14102789_10154003837313978_7114655581080176476_o

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